Restaurants & Bars

BraiZe, A Local Favorite is adjacent to the lobby, is a lively restaurant featuring a large-screen projector, serving alcohol and a menu of gourmet sandwiches called BraZitios. Enjoy our outdoor patio which has a beautiful waterfall landscape.


BraiZe - #insidetheparke

A small cozy restaurant with bar we offer a wide selection of food and beverage products. BraiZe uses many ingredients sourced from local farmers and all food is prepared fresh to order. The menu is updated regularly based on seasonal availability. The signature item, the BraiZito, is a sandwich like no other: a six-inch chunk of hot, fresh-baked bread hollowed out and stuffed with goodness. The end of the bread is buttered and grilled so every BraiZito is good to the last bite.

The ambiance is perfect for a quiet dinner or to catch your favorite game with friends. Perfect for any occasion big and small and sure will help you relax the evening. Our Patio offers plenty outdoor seating which has a waterfall feature to give you a serene atmosphere. Come on over and let us serve you.